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Just consider Cask Branding your brewery outfitter of choice! We represent almost every
apparel manufacturer 
in the industry. From screen printing, embroidery and sewn-on
patches we can brand your brewery apparel with the latest decoration techniques.

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Screen Printing

Cask Branding uses advanced screen printing techniques. Our basic spot color screen prints are crisp and our Pantone color matches are excellent. We have developed our own specialized under base techniques that create vivid, sharp, tightly registered imprints on colored garments. Our advanced knowledge of art separation & screen making technology provides consistently dazzling imprints. From basic logos to soft waterbase retail looks to special effect inks to full color

(4-color process or simulated process) imprints, we have you covered for garment screen printing. Note: Screen Printing will be used for orders of 24 garments or more in most cases.

Direct to Garment (Digital or DTG)

Cask Branding digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency and cost, using the latest in printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options. Our advanced print-on-demand technology provides what you want when you want it. Perfect for short runs of full color designs because there are no screens required since we digitally print directly on the shirts. Digital printing is the future of printing utilizing highly specialized ink jet printers to produce high resolution images with a softhand (soft to the touch).  While it does not replace screen printing, particularly runs of 72 or more, it is an excellent option. Note: Digital Printing will be used for orders LESS than 24 garments in most cases.


Cask Branding has hundreds of thread colors to choose from and a variety of specialty threads. Our embroidery and digitizing capabilities allow us to employ the latest embroidery techniques including puff embroidery, twill and felt applique' and 270-degree cap embroidery which allows a hat to be embroidered with front and side logos in one operation.


Cask Branders digitizers utilize the latest software programs which when combined with years of experience ensures embroidery of the highest quality. We guarantee a quick turn around and that our samples will be consistent with the final product.


Cask Branding applique' offers a high-end retail look. Applique' can be custom cut to virtually any font or shape to duplicate a corporate logo and is also available in stock fonts and styles to mimic collegiate and athletic styles. Applique' also adds dimension and texture and can cover a lot of area at a reduced stitch count.

Can't find the cap or brand you're looking for? No problem!

Let us know and we can find it. We represent just about

every cap manufacture in the industry.